Participating in Ecex Exchange Mobile ICO

Welcome World’s first mobile payment ICO!

Obtaining cryptocurrency and participating in ICO has never been easier. You don’t even need cryptocurrency wallet/account. We hold your ZIG coins on your Ecex Exchange account what we make for you for free.

During ICO period Ecex Exchange utility token ZIG is sold with significantly better price than later. After ICO ending on 20 April 2018 Ziggurat tokens will be sold in Ecex Exchange for customers with price 1 ZIG = 1 EUR.

First token buyers will get additional 5 ZIG free bonus.

Already have ERC20 tokens compatible wallet and want to use this instead, also not a problem – you can transfer ZIG tokens from Ecex Echange to your custom wallet.

How to start?

1) Go to

2) Click on Pay by Mobile button

3) Select amount of  ZIG utility tokens you want to buy.  Price and available amounts vary by country!

NB! If you see Sandbox Mode warning then service is not yet launched in your country.

See Current Service Coverage here

4) Fill in your mobile number and continue

5) You will be guided through payment process, again it might vary by service provider and country.

Need help on making mobile payment? See fortumo support for more details: Fortumo Support

6) After successful payment you are provided option to return to merchant. If this is your first payment to Ecex Exhnage ICO then we strongly advise to do so – temporary Ecex Exchange account will be created for you.

7) After first purchase temporary login credentials are provided to you, please save them for next strep.

8) Log in with provided temporary info

9) Update your user profile. Specially important are e-mail and password, without them you are not able to log in.

10) On Ecex Exchange portal dashboard you will see your purchase transactions.

We will add more functions soon, stay tuned!


All ZIG holdings on Ecex Exchange accounts are protected by special Guarantee Fund what grows as needed.

Guarantee Fund


By making mobile payment you agree to Terms of Utility Token Sale