Ziggurat ICO Options


Ecex Exchange - Ziggurat (ZIG) Token ICO

Jackpot – 1 000 000 ZIG main prize will be played out on 20 April 2018! Click HERE for details. 10 000 ZIG winner every week!.


The following is the ICO contract address. Send your ethereum payment to this address (no minimum limit) and you will receive ZIG tokens in return. BE SURE that you use ERC20 compatible ethereum wallet. 

Sale Address (required value): 0x11c9bd1C3DD8F52828460780c54a3A650d472b6F

Use gas limit 160 000

  • Send the amount of ethereum you want to participate with to address 0x11c9bd1C3DD8F52828460780c54a3A650d472b6F
  • Wait until transaction is confimred
  • Ziggurat Tokens (ZIG) are sent to your account
  • Bonuses are calculated automatically and transferred with same payment
  • Base Sale Rate 1 ETH = 2400 ZIG
  • All sales are compensated to level 1 EUR = 10 ZIG. Does not matter what cryptocurrency you use
  • Other Payment Options : EUR, USD, BTC, Mobile Paymnent. Scroll down to see more.
  • Ziggurat (ZIG) Token Info
  • Symbol : ZIG
  • Name: Ziggurat Token
  • Decimals: 18
  • Contract Address : 0xe760A89967d8C7Fa638eeBfC15A77BA107674021 (Do not send ethereum to this account!)
  • Max Emission: 531 000 000 ZIG

 No minimum limit. For private deals contact info@ecex.exchange

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See short intro video how to participate in ICO using eth:

Early Bird Bonus: 
First 100 buyers
  will get additional bonus descending from 100% to 1% *

Month 1

30%Additional Bonus

For every ZIG

Until GMT: Wednesday, December 20, 2017 12:00:00 PM

Month 3

7.5%Additional Bonus

For Every ZIG

Additional 7.5% ZIG

Month 4

3.25%Additional Bonus

For Every ZIG

Additional 3.25% ZIG

Month 5

2%Additional Bonus

For Every ZIG

Additional 2% ZIG